Acknowledging limitations is empowering, and just “trying harder” is not always a good plan. Figure out what matters, then don’t feel guilty about the rest.

Tidy ’24: Mindset Week 1 – You Can’t Do Everything

Assign every app a single, specific role in your mind, and avoid blurred lines as you use them. This significantly reduces redundancy and confusion.

Tidy ’24: Apps Week 5 – One App, One Purpose

Everyone is different. How do you know if something that works for me will work for you? You probably don’t, until you try it. But then what if it doesn’t?

Tidy ’24: Apps Week 4 – Adapt Freely

After minimizing interruptions as much as possible, how do you process the ones that make it though so they have as little impact as possible?

Tidy ’24: Apps Week 3 – React Immediately

Notifications can be great, but they’re usually horrible. Don’t let them steal your attention. Anything you allow through should be worthy of interruption.

Tidy ’24: Apps Week 2 – Silence the Distractors

Our devices tend to collect apps like dust, so it’s important to clean things every so often. Looking for what you don’t use is a great first step.

Tidy ’24: Apps Week 1 – Purge the Unused

It doesn’t matter how orderly your task list might be, how perfectly accurate your calendar is, or how great your system is without regular reviews.

Tidy ’24: Tasks Week 4 – Review Religiously

With your important appointments scheduled, let’s focus on that never-ending list of tasks. Can you get them out of your head and into one central spot?

Tidy ’24: Tasks Week 3 – Collect Your To-Dos

Planning your personal schedule can go many different ways, but always make sure you add the most important appointments first. Only then fit the rest in.

Tidy ’24: Tasks Week 2 – Schedule Your Anchors

Do you know where all of your time goes? Could it be managed better than it already is? Take stock of your schedule to see where it might be improved.

Tidy ’24: Tasks Week 1 – Clarify Your Commitments