I’ve managed to conquer a lot of my data mess already, but I still have areas that need work—sometimes lots of work. My photo collection is one of those areas.

Jeff’s Journey: Phase 1 of The Million-Photo Mission

Nothing is more discouraging than doing the same tedious process multiple times for no good reason. Duplicate removal software can help avoid this headache.

Data Decluttering Hack: Automatic Duplicate Cleaning

The PARA framework applies to any area of digital organization you can think of and provides an intuitive way to sort your files, photos, and other information.

Intro to the PARA Digital Organization Framework

The first few months of 2023 have yielded a great set of digital organization tips and tricks, both high-level and specific. Let’s review them!

Do One Thing: March 2023 Retrospective

Even if you have good backups in place, how permanent are those backups? Will they last for 10 years? What about 30 years? What about forever?

Digital Immortality: Can You Make Your Data Last Forever?

Cleaning and organizing your email can seem especially hard if you have multiple accounts, but you can make your life easier with two basic steps.

All Your Emails in One Place: A Guide to Easily Managing Multiple Accounts

Some us have messy email archives that span years, or even decades. Is it possible to clean out such a huge collection without just nuking it from orbit?

Email Reset: Wiping Out a Hoard of Old Messages

Postponing allows us to prioritize certain things first without getting stuck on problems we can’t solve right away. Peel the organization onion slowly!

Onion Organization: Peeling Your Way to the Goal

Nearly everyone has at least one email address, and some of us have dozens. With billions of messages sent every day, how do we keep from being overwhelmed?

Tame Your Inbox: 7 Ways to Defeat Email Stress

Most people agree that good habits can help accomplish challenging goals, such as a big data organization project. But how do you build the habits you need?

Unlock Your Brain: Tools to Build Data-Decluttering Habits