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What's Tidy '24?

I've been through my share of courses, memberships, webinars, and other systems promising to solve many kinds of problems. Often, despite excellent intentions, they don't help because they simply offer too much. The best programs are those that feel too easy at first, until you realize you're actually following along because they are so simple! You can look forward to:

  • One email per week on the topic of the month
  • One action per email, either something to do once or repeatedly to help build a habit
  • Visible progress, even though it will take time

"How did our digital lives become so cluttered? It's the small choices that sneak up on us. Seemingly minor or innocuous actions lead to habits that ultimately present a clean-up job that feels impossible---but it's not! All you need is a roadmap to help show you the way. It's okay to take it slowly. Just keep moving in the direction you want to go."

Jeff Rowberg

Digital Organization Coach

Jeff's happy, smiling face in front of some 3D printers in the background

Tame Your Digital Space in Five Minutes Per Day!

Comments from Real Subscribers

Beth - Blogger

Thank you for these great tips every week! I appreciate your time in developing and writing them.

Linda - Homemaker

Data taming is still pretty daunting to me, but this week's email makes sense. You are, by the way, an excellent writer and teacher.

Stacy - Consultant

Thanks for inspiring me to dig out of my inbox! I feel much lighter and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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