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Tidy '24 Weekly Digital Organization Tips

Tidy '24 Calendar

January 2024: Email

For the first month of the year, we're targeting Inbox Zero: getting to (and staying at!) the wonderful situation where you have nothing in your inbox.

February 2024: Photos

In February, we'll tackle steps you can take to manage your photo collection, whether you're starting fresh or you have tens of thousands of images spanning decades.

March 2024: Scheduling (Appointments, Tasks, and Habits)

The third month brings us high-level time management tips to help you approach different kinds of responsibilities with a fresh outlook and the right tools.

  • Week 1 (Mar. 5th): Clarify Your Responsibilities
  • Week 2 (Mar. 12th): Schedule Your Anchors
  • Week 3 (Mar. 19th): Collect Your To-Dos
  • Week 4 (Mar. 26th): Begin One Habit

April and later: TBD!

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