You have thousands of emails clogging your inbox.

You have half a million photos and videos spread across more computers and mobile devices than you care to admit.

You have innumerable documents buried in a confusing collection of nested folders.

You have spotty backups and inconsistent archives with haphazard organization and accidental overlaps.

Wouldn't you breathe easier if you did something about it?

What is Tidy Bytes all about?

It's hard enough to manage all of our physical stuff, but sometimes it seems even harder to keep track of digital things that we can't even see most of the time! These days, most of us create so many emails, photos, documents, and other digital dust that even knowing what we have is a daunting task—let alone organizing it.

But fear not! You can tackle even the biggest collection of data, the largest set of old hard drives, the scariest photo set, or most embarrassing unread email count with the right approach. With a good system and a bit of practice, you'll be back in control of your digital footprint in no time!


Figure out where your data is—all of it! Knowing what you have is key before you decide what to do with it.


Eliminate any data you know you can get rid of. No sense organizing what you'll delete later.


Decide what works for you, then follow your system consistently a little at a time. You can do it!

This simple 3-step method will help you dig yourself out from under years of digital data and build personal organization practices that help you manage and safeguard your digital life.

Whether you have a nearly clean slate or the most daunting collection of digital disorder, there is hope if you can break the task into small enough chunks and tackle things one at a time.







Ready to begin? Start your journey today!

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About Jeff

Jeff is a meticulous digital organizer who has personally processed or helped others to work through millions of files, tens of thousands of emails, hundreds of thousands of photos and videos, and various other items for himself, family, and friends. A hardware and software engineer and a husband and father of two, Jeff loves creative technology and sharing knowledge.